:: Shipping Information ::

Shipping your unwanted textbooks to Compcopy.Net is easy -- plus, we'll pay the shipping!

1.) Pack your unwanted textbooks carefully in a heavy-duty carton.  Smaller boxes are preferable.  Contact us if you need boxes.

2.) Print a copy of your email as the packing list (not required, but helpful) into the box before sealing. This packing list is an itemized listing of the books you are sending. Please include your name and address is in each box to insure proper payment.

3.) Lay books flat, with the spine of the books facing the sides of the box.

4.) Finish the open spaces off with a filler, such as crumpled white paper or spare cardboard (caution: newspaper and newsprint can reduce the value of the books).

5.) Seal the box with wide packing tape suitable for shipping.

:: Submission Guidelines ::

Yes!!! Do include tapes, disks, and other student text supplements.

Yes!!! Do include exam copies with markings on the outside and inside ("Free Copy" - "Comp Copy" - "Not for Resale" - etc).

Yes!!! Do send any books with instructors manuals bound inside.

Yes!!! We are now accepting some current edition annotated books (no workbook-style annotated books with answers in the blanks, please).

No!!! Instructor's manuals, transparencies, or other instructor's materials (books with instructors manuals bound in them are sometimes OK).

Books with no value will be marked with your name and held for 6 weeks. If they come back on our list, we will pay you at that time. After 6 weeks they will be discarded.