:: Frequently Asked Questions ::

What books do you buy?

All current edition college level textbooks in any subject, with copyrights or revisions that are listed in our computer. This includes virtually any college textbook; however, there are always some exceptions.

Do you buy free or sample copies?

Current edition books that are marked "Free Copy", "Sample Copy" or "Comp Copy", or have "Instructors Edition" stamped on them are usually still marketable. Many instructors editions have value, even if there is an instructors manual bound in the book. We also purchase some current edition textbooks marked "Annotated" (no workbook-style annotated books with answers in the blanks, please). However, we do not accept instructor's manuals, transparencies, or other instructor's materials (books with instructors manuals bound in them are sometimes OK).

Books with no value will be marked with your name and held for 6 weeks. If they come back on our list, we will pay you at that time. After 6 weeks they will be discarded.

How do I ship my books?

As always, please send current editions -- the last two to three copyright years are more likely to be checked in with a value. Older books are marketable only if no newer edition is on the market. If you have a question about a book having value, just e-mail or call us with the following information:

  1. 1st author's LAST name (where "Smith, Jones, & Dobson" would be listed as simply "Smith").
  2. Full title of the book (including words like "Introduction to....).
  3. Edition of book (if no edition is on the book it is assumed that it is the first edition).
  4. ISBN number off the back of the book or on the copyright page.
  5. If there is a sticker over the ISBN number, then please use the number on the copyright page.
  6. Indicate if the book is an instructor’s or teacher’s edition.

How will I get paid and when?

We will issue you a check when the books have been processed. In addition, you can choose the option to receive your payment via PayPal.

What happens to books that check in at no value?

You must indicate if you want the no-value books back when you ship the books. If we do not receive this message then we will donate the no value books immediately to the local Rotary Club who sends them to Africa ( http://www.rotarybooksfortheworld.org/ ) If you do indicate that you want the books back they will be shipped back to you with the shipping rate deducted from your payment of marketable books.

Have any other specific questions? Then email us anytime!