:: About Compcopy ::

Compcopy has been servicing the Midwest area for over two decades. We have over 4,000 customers in Wisconsin alone and have developed close relationships with faculty, returning every 6 weeks for more than 20 years!

During this time we have been a full service textbook buying service, buying books on campus, at off-campus locations, at homes, and through the mail.

Due to policies in some schools, selling your books on school property may be discouraged. We would like to offer you the opportunity to sell your books with our convenient, discreet system, online.

You simply ship your books to us. We do the rest! We pay top prices on the books and you no longer have to deal with unknown buyers with unknown reputations.

Pretty convenient!! - You don't have to leave your office, you don't have the interruptions of a "salesman" knocking on your door, and you finally have the privacy to sell your books without others watching.

Just read the guidelines for the types of books we buy and the method of shipment and you can send us books as often as you like. This will provide you with needed space in your office and payments on a regular basis without waiting and wondering if you are being treated fairly.

We will process your shipment and issue payment to you promptly upon receipt.

So, why not give us a try! We're sure you will be satisfied.

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